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  1. quick fuel carb running too rich at idle

    (390 fe, hei dist with msd 6a, comp cams CCA-CL33-224-3, 7105 edel intake, 670 quick fuel brawler, fmx transmission) I recently put a new quick fuel carburetor on my engine after not being able to fix my off idle hesitation with a street avenger. The carb runs great except for it seems unusually...
  2. Choosing a cam for RPM Range

    Hotrodding Basics
    What is a good RPM range for a muscle car? A lot of the cams I am seeing have a operating range that start around 2500RPM or higher. That seems really high to me for a street car. Does the operating range of a cam dictate the idle speed of the engine as well? If the operating range of a...
  3. very high idle

    Today I started my old plow truck to be sure we were ready for incoming. Distracting results. Started it on a tank that had maybe a gallon of very old gas (5) yrs.? Added 5 gallons of gas, put in 1/3 bottle of 103 octane booster, put some Gummout cleaner, & most of a bottle of heet drygas. ran...
  4. Ford Torino Runs rough then dies

    My 1974 Ford Torino 302 2 door runs rough then dies. I have tried replacing the fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter and air filter, Spark plug wires and spark plugs, vacuum valve on the transmission, all vacuum lines, complete distributor, timing chain, rebuilt carb, coil, solenoid, and more. I am...
  5. Holley carb won't idle

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hello there guys. last week I found my head gasket had blown out on my SBF 302. So I tore it down replaced the head gaskets, intake manifold gasket, and changed all of the fluids. I fired it up and it runs only if I stay on the throttle. as soon as you let go of the throttle it dies. I did...
  6. Hello,....idle problem

    Hotrodding Basics
    Just bought a 1980 Camaro with a 350 and I am looking to fix her up. Came here because I am having trouble with the car idle in gear. Idles fine in park but as soon as I shift into any gear she bogs down and dies unless I butterfly her for a few moments. I have changed out plugs and wires...
  7. sporatic / minor surging idle on 1980 454

    Hey ive been working on trying to figure this weird idle issue out and havent quite cured it...its a 1980 454, edelbrock performer intake and carb, headers to glasspacks... I attached a link to a video of the issue. The idle out of the driver tailpipe is smooth, only has this minor surging out...
  8. Silverado Idling problems

    Any ideas? I inherited a 2000 Silverado with a vortec 6 litre. Before receiving it, the exhaust was re-done and cats removed. The check engine system was disabled and cannot be read. When the truck is cold and in gear, the idle jumps up and down, and will eventually die. The idle is fine in...
  9. 454 Running Rough...Suggestions?

    Hey everyone. Ive got a 1980 454 in a 59 chevy truck. The engine began running rough a while back, not too bad, and its slowly gotten worse to the point where its time to get it figured out. I just checked for a bad head gasket with the combustion leak detector and it passes and the plugs...