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  1. Fuel injection Engines
    I have a bit of a weird question. But I think it may have been done before in racing. So I am going to ask it even if it sounds stupid. On a completely balanced inline 6 engine; Cylinder 1 and 6 = pair 1 Cylinder 2 and 5 = pair 2 Cylinder 3 and 4 = pair 3 Each of these "pairs" reach the...
  2. Engine
    Hello all of you car fans:) i need some engine decode if someone here can help me will be great.. so all the numbers that i have 235 L6 chevy 1.-there is a numbers on the intake manifold(may be helpfull)-8754944 GM 2.-passenger side of the engine-close to oil unit,close to 3rd spark...
  3. Engine
    I took all liftrs out and took them part and cleand them, i put them together and let them soak in oil for a day,,,, got them in ,,, so how long before they get tight ? ,and i guess i needto adjust them again? , used rotela 30 weight , Thanks
1-3 of 3 Results