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  1. Engine
    Can any tell me why this intake not fitting properly. It's procomp I bought it few months ago just got around to install it. Motor chevy 355 heads are chevy 14011034-2 casting, stage 3 head work. I had 3 other intakes on this motor. I never had this happen. With felpro 1205 intake sits low...
  2. Engine
    I recently bought a used edelbrock torker 2 intake manifold for a 454 that I am building. When I went to install it, I noticed that the fitting seems off. The manifold appears to not cover a hole that appears to be a coolant port. Does this look normal or is something wrong? Thanks for the help!
  3. Engine
    Does anyone make a carbureted intake for a Ford V6 engine??? [email protected]
  4. Engine
    I was changing the water neck gasket and one of the bolts snapped. It was a 90s chrome Mr.gasket one. The bolt is broken right down to the intake. How can I fix this. Its an Edelbrock Performer. I might just get a new intake. Thanks
  5. Engine
    I have a 1969 435 HP 427 big block and I recently put cam that works to 7200 rpm. My original intake manifold gets best operation at 5800. Should I change to a different intake manifold to get more out of my engine? My original intake part number is 3933163. Any help with this is appreciated.
  6. Engine
    So to start off I have a 355 4 bolt main sbc cast internals hypereutectic pistons, 292 heads (2.02 1.60) fully hogged to the max, my cam is Lunati#20120316, 1.6 roller rockers etc etc. It will be a street/strip application. I do not want to turn it over 6500 due to the cast internals. The three...
  7. Engine
    Hi guys, I'm trying to diagnose a problem, since last week my car started to have poor idle, poor mpg's and the exhaust smells too rich, and I noticed that the coolant overflow tank goes empty so every week I have to pour some coolant in there, the coolant problem started a month ago. I already...
  8. Hotrodding Basics
    Can someone send me detailed instructions for putting an intake on my chevy 400 small block? Maybe your own opinion on products , torque pattern , how many pounds of torque, what kind of sealant, sealing the bolts etc ? I've never done it before and dont want to scew it up but i want to do it...
  9. Engine
    Hey guys, got a 1980 454 motor in a 1959 chevy truck. I am about to change the intake manifold gaskets and dont know which ones to get. I see the correct port ones (oval port) but see some with the exhaust crossover blocked off and some open and some coming with water restrictors (4 individual...
1-12 of 12 Results