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  1. 351w pcv

    Appears to be a lot of debate on if a sbf needs some form of PCV and, if so, what that should be. This is a naturally aspirated engine with carburetor. Currently it has a breather in each valve cover. Should I be looking to add a PCV valve? Should it be from a valve cover into the filtered...
  2. 351 W Intake Choice

    I'm building a 351W to make 325-350 hp. It's going in a '67 Fairlane and will see street use only. It will be mated to a T-5 and 3:50 gears. I'm looking at the Edelbrock Performer and the Weiand Stealth intake manifolds. Any preferences out there? Why? Thanks
  3. where to begin with coolant in a cylinder??

    There are so many questions....... - is it a cracked intake and bad rings that lead to the coolant getting into the cylinder? - could the oil cooler lines have cracked inside radiator? - block cracked? - head gasket gave out? I know i have a bad ring or 2 on my aluminum heads, the #8...
  4. 1991 Gen 5 454 Intake Fitting Problem

    Hello everyone i have 91 454 big block casting numbers 10114182 I have already bought two different kinds of edlebrock intakes both where too small i called them up they said they didn't make intakes for those blocks So my question is does anyone know Of one that will fit i want a carbureted...
  5. Pontiac 4 Barrel Intake Year?

    Posted this one in classifieds here and curious if any one has an idea what year this is from. id # 9782888 looks like also has a D116 and a P3 stamped. Thanks , Dean
  6. help me to Optimize gm v8 intake manifold

    Hotrodding Basics
    hi I already did this optimization : but There is still a problem and i marked them previously optimization is i removed the wall of the 1-3 canal and 2-4 ... now when installing the carb for 1-2 barrel have a big problem and this...
  7. Engine Vacuum After Cam/Intake Swap

    Hello everyone, I have a question about my manifold vacuum reading dropping a decent amount after a cam/intake swap. My original set up was a comp 282s cam (235/235 @ .050" & 282/282 advertised, with .521"/.521" lift with 1.6 rockers, 110 LSA) and a RPM air gap intake with a 2 inch open...
  8. 84 corvette intake swap

    ok got one for thought . I got a 84 corvette that I am just plain sick and tired of the crossfire injection system. it runs good maybe 3 days a month so im yankin it off. I just rebuilt the engine in the spring . but im thinkin rhs or afr 190cc heads with a healthy thumper cam , but I plan to...
  9. sbc 350 intake

    Looking at a few intakes for my sbc with 882 heads. My current one in a Edelbrock Performer. But I had a bolt snap. I don't have money to buy a good one. Any suggestions? it needs to be $150 or less. Thanks Edelbrock 2701 SBC Performer EPS Manifold | eBay Take Off Chevy SBC 350...
  10. Top End

    And after months upon months, I have officially nickeled and dime'd my way up to the big leagues! I bought a pair of 062 Vortec Heads! I have a completely stock 1991 350 tbi with long tube headers and true duals with Flow master 50's on it.... My believed compression ratio with the tbi heads are...
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  12. whats heads to use

    Hotrodding Basics
    i got a motor in putting together, sbc 350 bored .40 over, flat top pistons, 447/454 lift cam with 256° Intake / 268° Exhaust, 212° Intake / 218° Exhaust with 110 degree seperation, (1000-5500 rpm) 650 holly double pumper, weiand street warrior aluminum intake (idle to 5500 rpm), wondering what...
  13. 2004 vortec 5.3 water temp problems

    I got a 2004 z71 with the 5.3 vortec and whenever the outside temp is over about 70 my engine wants to jump around in temp. It usually runs just below 210 I'd guess about 195 or 200 but when it's 70 plus outside it will run up to about 220 which is pushin the safe zone and I'm not racin around...
  14. lt1 conversion

    Ok, iv got an 89 gcm truck with a vortec 350, and i have an lt1 out of a corvette that im wanting to put in the truck, but i have some questions, can i use my sbc hei distributor and tbi intake? I know more old school mechanics but have little to no knowledge of the lt engines, what kind of...
  15. rtv on manifold

    I installed an aluminum intake manifold on a sbc 350 last night. I did not have any of the black RTV so I used the regular high temp on the ends as well as on the bolts. I also used some Teflon tape on the bolts. Am I ok with the regular high temp. I know the black stuff is supposedly...


  17. 1960_Pontiac_Tripower_Intake


  18. Edelbrock_EP4B_Pontiac_Intake_61-64


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