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  1. Introduce Yourself
    Based out of Michigan, I do custom upholstery and convertible tops for a living. I don’t own a classic car of my own yet but hopefully some day. Here’s some pictures of my latest build. I’m thinking about taking orders for these custom armrests I made if people would be interested
  2. Interior
    Hey guys, I have installed a late 80's gm steering column in my 46 ford coupe. Wanted the key on the dash but still wanted an adjustable column with shifter on the floor. I heard through group discussion about a cover that would save the bodywork on hiding the holes and formations left from...
  3. original_dash

    Had a terribly cracked dash. Following some post from online I was able to get the dash looking a little better. The adhessive did not hold on the curve I re did the whole thing with black vinyl and it turned out a lot better but do not have pics sorry:( Easy was to fix dash with time and patience.
  4. dash_foam

    After spraying foam, cutting excess and lightly sanded
  5. Tan_dash

    Here you can see where the adhesive failed. Even with that it looked better than what I started with. Being the perfectionist that I am I heated up the adhessive, pulled back the vinyl and redid it in black. Headliner fabric was used underneath to provide padding and disguise the cracks.
  6. Interior
    Hello all, I would like to put a bench seat in my 1957 Chevy Truck. It is a 4 on the floor, any suggestions on where I can find a bench seat for my truck? Jeff Ivey
  7. Introduce Yourself
    Hello all enthusiasts, I have recently purchased a 1970 Monte Carlo standard 350 and it has been thirty years since I worked along side many unemployed Boeing engineers in service stations while in high school and college. I learned a lot, most faded now. She needs a lot of work to bring her...
  8. Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I have a steering column for a 1970 trans am and it is dark blue. It must be painted but I don't know what the original colour is for the column. The interior is light blue and the car is white.
  9. Body - Exterior
    I heard that back in the good old days they used asphalt as either an undercoating or sound deadener coating. Is this true? And if it is could I use roofing asphalt or something like it to replace it?
  10. 1957 150 updates

    trunk and interior updates
  11. 1957 150 updates

    trunk and interior updates
  12. 1957 150 updates

    trunk and interior updates
  13. Interior
    I am looking for an upholstery supply, not sure of the name, can't seem to find it. It is a plastic U shaped strip with an edge to sew onto end of fabric, which is then snapped over the metal edge of the seat. Currently need a 7 or 8' strip of this. I could reuse the existing one, but as it is...
  14. Interior
    I have a 31 chevy coupe that is basically bare. I plan to make a rat rod because I do not have fenders for it. I seem to have the body work figured out but I have no idea what do to the interior. If anyone has any idea what I need to find for seats or how to make door panels or dash ideas let me...
  15. Interior
    Have a budget of $10,000 for the interior to finish this car up. Working on 1967 Chevy Camaro rebuilt with 383 Hypo and TH400. I live in the Colorado Springs/Denver area. Can anyone recommend someone to do a quality job? If it must be taken out of state that is fine too. I don't feel...
  16. 42 G.I. Chevy

    winch levers, 4w hi,4w lo shifters, Corbeau off road suspension seats, Morse shifter
  17. Interior Before

    I think the only good part was the seat. :)
  18. 1962 Impala SS interior

    beat up custom interior. replaced by custom interior from Ciadella Interiors.
  19. Hotrodders' Lounge
    Hi All, Wanted to draw on everyone's memories and auto backgrounds to see which cars people find (or found) to provide the most comfortable ride ever. Although this is pretty much "lounge talk", I am especially curious to hear from the more senior folks, as my grandparents are getting older and...
  20. 1984 GT350

    pretty nice interior missing door pulls and p/w,p/l covers and dashboard
1-20 of 24 Results