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  1. Engine
    Hey all... I have a nice 10:1 355 SBC with the Isky z25 cam, 1.43" Comp dual springs, 1.6 rockers, eddy performer rpm heads, Summit single plane intake, Holley HP750, etc... nice strong motor up to 6500 RPM, love it. With my old ignition (Taylor HEI) and headers (Sanderson 1.5" primary...
  2. Engine
    Alright so I've been ALL OVER the internet trying to find a good answer to this and I really haven't come up with much. How do you find your secondary jet size (with max HP in mind) on a traditional Vacuum Secondary Holley 4 Barrel without an AFR gauge or a drag strip to evaluate E.T.'s and...
  3. Engine
    Hey everyone. Back again with another probably simple fix. It would appear that I am getting very light preignition.. the weird thing is i can't hear anything except for when i'm at part throttle cruise. Every time I check my plugs, if I look deep down inside on the porcelain and inside...
1-3 of 3 Results