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  1. Engine
    Ok, here's the riddle. '63Impala with 350 and 350 Turbo trans. Has 50k on the new motor and rebuilt trans. Been running fine many years with a few of the std issues. Other day I notice a knock/rattle from back between the motor and trans. then went away. Today it's alarmingly louder...
  2. Engine
    Hey everybody. I've got a strange light knock.. sounds a lot like a rod knock, but it goes away when I'm over around 1500 RPM or so. I checked my oil, and cut open the filter and found bearing babbit.. so my first thought is it was a rod knock, so about 2 months ago (after I found bearing...
  3. Engine
    Hey everybody. I just did a rebuild on my 350. 30 over, flat top pistons, new crank/rods/bearings/flexplate etc. Anyway.. compression is now .75 higher than before (10.25:1) and the motor is definitely harder to turn over with the fresh hone and rings. I got the engine in the car and got ready...
1-3 of 3 Results