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  1. 1996 - L31 Vortec Rebuild - Flat tops or Dish stockers?

    Hi guys, we pulled out the engine on the 1996 Yukon. L31 Vortec SBC, We were doing the top end only but we decided to go with a full rebuild. We already have some parts for it. 1 - 0912 AFR Heads 2 - LT4 Hotcam 3 - 1.6 Crane Cams Gold Race roller rockers 4 - 3600 Yank Torque Converter. We...
  2. L31 Guys come here, 1996 stock SBC bitten by the mod bug

    Hi Everyone here !!! Performance bug has bit again, with great success we modified a stock L98 with a set of AFR Heads, Accel/Lingenfelter Super Ram intake and all of the proven LPE Combo. This time we have a 1996 Yukon and we plan on give some power to the 1996 stock L31, We want to keep...
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