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  1. Engine
    Hi guys, we pulled out the engine on the 1996 Yukon. L31 Vortec SBC, We were doing the top end only but we decided to go with a full rebuild. We already have some parts for it. 1 - 0912 AFR Heads 2 - LT4 Hotcam 3 - 1.6 Crane Cams Gold Race roller rockers 4 - 3600 Yank Torque Converter. We...
  2. Engine
    Hi Everyone here !!! Performance bug has bit again, with great success we modified a stock L98 with a set of AFR Heads, Accel/Lingenfelter Super Ram intake and all of the proven LPE Combo. This time we have a 1996 Yukon and we plan on give some power to the 1996 stock L31, We want to keep...
1-3 of 3 Results