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  1. SBC Flat Tappet Cam Break-In

    Hello all. Long story short, this is hopefully the last flat tappet cam I will ever have to break-in, as I'm going roller from here on out. The last flat tappet cam i've ever had to break in, was about 6 or 7 years ago, and my dad guided me through it all. Anyway, I'll be doing this all on my...
  2. Top End

    And after months upon months, I have officially nickeled and dime'd my way up to the big leagues! I bought a pair of 062 Vortec Heads! I have a completely stock 1991 350 tbi with long tube headers and true duals with Flow master 50's on it.... My believed compression ratio with the tbi heads are...
  3. advice on cams and lifters for 400 pontiac

    So I'm hoping someone can give me some advice here. I'm shopping around a cam and lifter kit for my 71 pontiac parisienne which has a 400 stock. Can anyone recommend a kit that is compatible with stock heads. I don't know what come with the stock engines, and I've never opened up this engine...
  4. New to site. Current project 68 VW bug w hyd lifters

    I read in one of the repair manuals that I need to re-assemble under oil, which I found to be an impossible task. Now i'm attempting to 'inject' oil through outer oil inlet with oil gun with glove gasket. Anyone have a better technique?