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  1. Garage - Tools
    I am just starting to collect parts and develop a plan for my 1948 Willys truck. The first thing I need is a Mig welder. Eastwood has a 175 Amp mig welder with a spool gun for under $600. I was wondering if anyone has an experience with the Eastwood welder. I am looking for a 220V mig welder...
  2. Garage - Tools
    Gentlemen, I am interested in buying a mig welder. I have 120 and 240 VAC in my shop. I do not see any heavy duty welding, just some sheet and frame welding on my 56 F100 project. What are your recommendations for manufacture and model. thank you
  3. Garage - Tools
    So I've been in the market for a mig welder and I've been trying to make up my mind on what to buy, I ran across the Hobart Handler 210MVP Mig earlier today and was wondering if anyone had thoughts on it? I have 220 in my shop but it's powering my air compressor right now and I don't want to...
  4. Garage - Tools
    does anyone have good words for the eastwood 110v welder. can it be used for body panel repair? it is offered in kit form, gloves , shield, welder,etc. Is this a good way to go ?
  5. Garage - Tools
    I posted a thread here last week about a Craftsman mig welder I borrowed from a guy. Hadn't been used in 10 years, couldn't get a spark till fixing the ground cable, then no gauges and THEN it totally quit a few days later. So I went looking at welders today, the models I was looking at were the...
  6. Garage - Tools
    For 299 it looks pretty decent. Anyone got one? I really want something just to tack weld my panels in place before I haul it to the shop.
  7. Garage - Tools
    i was wondering if anyone has tried a chicago electric mig welder? any complaints?
  8. Garage - Tools
    Here is my Mig welder I built because I could not afford one. Here is the gun a 600amp Tweco gun I got of eBay for $24 Here is the main unit The Feeder is a Lincoln LN-9 Wire feeder ( or so I was told) bought it for scrap on eBay for $20 Here are the specs on it Feeds up to 3/32" (...
  9. Electrical
    Hey yall I dont have a mig welder. My dad has an ark welder in his garage. Whats the difference? Im thinking about buying new bear claw latches for the pinto and woundering if I can use ark welder instead of the mig.
1-9 of 9 Results