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  1. 97 5.7 Vortec problems

    Modern Electronic Engines
    Hey Guys &/or Gals, I did a few quick searches in the archives and did not find anything to help with this specific issue. So if this exact topic "has" been previously posted and answered please accept my apologies beforehand. I have a 1997 GMC K1500 w/ the 5.7 Vortec. Engine is fairly new...
  2. Engine bogging down under load

    Hi , I have this problem with my Fiat 126p 650e , 650cc , twin cylinder - aircooled piece of ****. It idles great when its warm but when I open throttle when its cold it misfires . When i try to drive it always dies after some time under load [1/2 mile] then i have to let it idle for some time...
  3. Carb 350 stumble/misfire

    My carbureted Chevy 350 stumbles/feels like a random misfire when accelerating and cruising. The catch though is that it only does this once the engine is fully warmed up. My train of thought says that if it's fine when it's cold, and has problems when it's hot, it's getting too much fuel. Any...
  4. Holley Carb Tuning- Misfire/Lean surge below 2500RPM

    Hey everyone! Back again! I'm here again with another tuning issue. I come here because y'all never steer me in the wrong direction and tend to get me right back on track. I try and do everything I can to my knowledge or extent before I come here through researching forums and trying to...
  5. Engine likes to "Hiccup" @ part throttle cruise

    Hello everyone: I'm back again with more issues! Just scratching my head over this whole delema and I'm about out of ideas. I'm having a hard time trying to find the root of this problem. Basically the title says it all... it has a small miss every so often at part throttle cruise. Changed...
  6. 454 misfire figured out...sorta

    Hey ive been chasing a misfire on my 59 chevy for about 6 months now and finally found the source. Its got 1980ish 454 motor. It has a heavy misfire and lack of power on acceleration, ran fine at idle. I rebuilt the carb, changed the plugs, wires, intake manifold gasket, wired up an MSD dist...