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  1. What frame to use for a 1938 5 window Dodge

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I need some help to try to replace the old frame on a 1938 Dodge 5 window coupe...I really don't want to reuse it or beef / box in the old frame. Plus I would have to replace the rusted out parts too. I can use a longer frame if I have to and just remake the top of the hood over, not going to...
  2. Old 318LA or new 318 Mopar Motor on a 2005 frame

    General Rodding Tech
    I want to use a 2005 Dodge 1/2 ton frame I found. To update to the newer type of frame, brakes and front end.. But the motor and trans I have is a older style 1977 318 LA and matching Auto trans ( everything is rebuilt). Will I have a problem trying to mount the older motor in the frame? I see...
  3. sooo i need help with specing out a clutch kit

    Transmission - Rearend
    so where am i at i have a flywheel for a 96?ish dakota i got 3 different numbers tooth to tooth is 14.5 inches total surface is 13.5 inches (contact area just inside the teeth) and bolt holes gets between 11.5 inches and 12 inches its going on a 90 Dakota V6 that had an auto behind it previously...
  4. Mopar 6cyl flathead

    Anybody out there working on the Mopar flathead sixes ? Any info will be appreciated. Nothing too radical; multi carb, cam, exhaust... Thanks in advance Working on a '40 ply P-10 4dr. Gonna be on the rat side, satin black, cruiser. Will eventually go to a V-8 , 904 , 8 3/4, but that will be...