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  1. 1950 ford shoebox still has V8 flat head

    I just bought a 1950 ford shoebox coupe with the top chopped and all. it still has the original V8 flat head motor in it, that runs just fine, but it doesn't have any power ... I don't know much about cars personally, but im trying to find out that the best motor to put in it would be. i want...
  2. Motor swap question- 350/383 in '74 Camaro

    Hotrodding Basics
    So I have been working on a car building it up. I currently have a 383 sbc that I built up for my 1975 Malibu. I recently came across a 1974 Camaro that has had considerable work done to it and just needs a motor. My question is, would it be terrible of me to drop my motor in this car and...