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  1. Building my first motor!

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hey Y'all! as you can tell from the title I'm getting ready to build my first motor from scratch. I've got the block and even better ive got my mechanic friend ready to check my work as I go. Now here's the hard part: learning what to buy. The block is a 70's era 454, pretty good shape. I...
  2. New to the forum

    Introduce Yourself
    I have several projects in progress; 47 Olds Convertible, 84 El Camino, 2 - 53 Willys Jeeps (Both 1953 M38A1's), 70 CJ5 with Buick V6, 85 Blazer (383 cu in) & 67 Chevelle, have had over 100 different vehicles over the years. I love to design, create, fabricate & alter to my own tastes with...
  3. 383 chevy stroker parts fit issue

    Hi guys, I would really appreciate some guidance here... I am rebuilding a 350 gm 010 block into a 383 stroker. Here is what I have>>> The block has been decked and bored 40 over, I have an Eagle crank 3750 stroke, ext balanced with 6" Eagle rods and pistons. I have about an average of .006 deck...
  4. 1974 nova 350 turbo 350 how do i speed it up

    Hotrodding Basics
    i am trying to make my 1974 nova faster i have put a 4 in high rise edelbrock intake put a 1405 edelbrok carb, double chain and sprocket timing chain switched from a 5in ballencer to a 8 in ballencer performance spark plugs im wondering what i can do to get it over the 100 mph mark it has a...
  5. 400+hp 383 build

    Hey guys. Y'all probably get a lot of these, but I'm looking for tips on a 383 build that is both street able but I can still take it to the strip every now and then. Trying to keep it at a decent budget of between 2-2.5k. Yes it's not a whole lot but I know there's ways to make this work. It...
  6. heated up falcon

    hey guys new to the forum but like what ive been reading.. I got a 63 ford falcon 144 ci L6 motor . problem is she gets hot. real hot normally runs around 230 degrees . ive done all the usual flushed the radiator, changed caps , changed thermostat to 180 degree , I installed gauge at the back of...
  7. Can anyone help me identify this motor?

    My father recently passed away and I am going through his Rod stuff. Came across this motor. He had planned to restore a 1929 model A ford he purchased years back. Is this a ford motor? I looked for identifying numbers but was unable to locate any.If there is anyone out there who knows what it...
  8. Servo Motor MOD: DIY Easier Speed Control

    I am new to sewing and recently purchased a Seiko STH 8BLD-3 and I have spent many hours reading here on, on, and on, and thank everyone for sharing their experiences. I hope, with this post to pay back a little and make a few people really...