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  1. Trans Am

    Stock LS1 except K&N filter and Mobil 1 oil.
  2. Trans Am

    Interior shot
  3. Trans Am

    Tail shot of my 02 T/A
  4. Trans Am

    My 2002 T/A vert with a 6-speed
  5. Trans Am

    Here is the Ram Air III,it has a in service replacement short block with #s matching heads,intake carb ect.I have installed MSD 6AL box,wires and an Accell HEI distributor and coil
  6. Trans Am

    Interior shot,this is the orginal interior that came with the car except the console that was restored by Just Dashes.
  7. Trans Am

    Here is tail shot of my T/A.
  8. Trans Am

    Here is my 1970 T/A it has a Ram Air III Turbo 400 combo.Its been modified using mostly all orginal pieces.
1-8 of 8 Results