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no idle

  1. SBC 5.7l 350 TBI 1987 K5 No CEL, no idle, no power/seems to misfire

    Modern Electronic Engines
    Howdy, just about to lose all my hair here. Only 25 and it isn't genetic. Problem: Driving along fine all day, pull into driveway and it dies before I can turn the key off. Symptoms: Starts up fine however unable to pull codes (no check engine light...used to come on occasionally), but very...
  2. sbc 355 big mutha thumpr cam no idle barely any vacuum new rebuild

    Hotrodding Basics
    ok so i have a sbc350 over 350 out of a 72 stingray. just had it rebuilt with 190cc/64cc aluminum heads with maximum valve lift of 0.600 , big mutha thumpr cam, comp cams 1.6 magnum roller rockers, high energy pushrods, with a weiand dual pane action plus intaken and a 600 cfm freshly rebuilt...