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  1. Help diagnosing engine Whine.

    I Have a whining sound in the engine. I originally thought it was the alternator so I replaced that, but it didn't help. I did a quick test and ran the engine (momentarily) with all belts removed and the whining sound is still there and constant. Any thoughts on what could be causing this and...
  2. Knock/Rattle

    Ok, here's the riddle. '63Impala with 350 and 350 Turbo trans. Has 50k on the new motor and rebuilt trans. Been running fine many years with a few of the std issues. Other day I notice a knock/rattle from back between the motor and trans. then went away. Today it's alarmingly louder...
  3. NO ALIGN. SHOP CAN FIX THIS- So where should i go for chasis/front end testing??

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    This car is ridiculous, nobody from any local alignment shops can solve the problem.......maybe.... A. Because it only happens soon after hitting a rut or bump in the road. B. Occasionally when turning and the car lifts to one side or the other. C. It has struts and the alignment is perfect, so...
  4. starter/flywheel issue

    Hey ive got a 1980 454 motor with the stock style starter, one of the bolts came loose and I didnt notice and when I started it the starter twisted and broke a chunk off the block where the outer starter bolt goes, I had a welder weld the piece back on and grind it down, seems almost perfectly...