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  1. Engine
    Looking for some advice i was gifted a 400 sbc short block .20 over with flat tops. Also picked up a set of 993 heads that have been rebuilt with good springs would like to get 400hp from it any advice on cam choice intake and carb. the rest of the setup is turbo 350 trans and a ford 8.8 with...
  2. Electrical
    Hello, recently brought a 1973 Nova, and i installed a Blower fan. everything has been working great until last week. My blinkers wont work, Nor does my Blower fan for my Radiator and Also my voltage reader is not reading at all! my car still starts up and runs not sure what could be the issue...
  3. rear end.jpeg

    It's kind of dark but this is the Heidts IRS rear suspension. It looks amazing.
  4. 58134572026__22A7EC3A-BA42-4738-B449-96DF2499651F (1).jpg

    Suspension powder coated and assembled.
  5. 55663728898__FFA16E35-36C8-4D4D-99EC-42E9C72F0942.JPG

    On the lift to start taking the suspension out.
  6. 55199262036__51CCE337-567B-42A2-9FB1-C2AB47A626531.png

    Start of restoration in March 2018.
  7. Projects/Builds/My Ride
    Hey Guys, I finally got around to posting pics on the progress of my '72 Nova restoration project. 2 years in the making but we're almost done now. Check out the pics I posted on my project page.
  8. Transmission - Rearend
    Hello All, I am new to the group. I have a 1975 Nova 4 door 6 cylinder. I am LS swapping the car, and wanted to beef up the rear end. A buddy of mine has a rear end out of a 1986 Trans Am, and I am wondering if I could make that work? Is mid 80's gm rear end's compatible with 4th gen Nova's...
  9. Hotrodding Basics
    i am trying to make my 1974 nova faster i have put a 4 in high rise edelbrock intake put a 1405 edelbrok carb, double chain and sprocket timing chain switched from a 5in ballencer to a 8 in ballencer performance spark plugs im wondering what i can do to get it over the 100 mph mark it has a...
  10. The

    My Nova, my baby, it has a 2.73:1 Ratio rear end, 305 gen 1 sbc, pretty much stock other than the brake rotors.
  11. The

    My Nova, my baby, it has a 2.73:1 Ratio rear end, 305 gen 1 sbc, pretty much stock other than the brake rotors.
  12. The

    My Nova, my baby, it has a 2.73:1 Ratio rear end, 305 gen 1 sbc, pretty much stock other than the brake rotors.
  13. Introduce Yourself
    Hi all, New to town, and living in Santa Monica. Been building out my 68 nova in Missouri for the last cpl years and due to some unforeseen circumstances I had to bring her out to LA. Im new here and looking for advice and recommendations for a serious tuner and a solid general mechanic...
  14. Hotrodding Basics
    I am new to the site :) i've been coming here quite a bit and reading up on a few things so i figured i'd join! So i just bought a 1976 Nova, with a 305 small block, and i was wondering if it is true that the only difference between the generation 1 305 and 350 is the carb? I was told the 305...
  15. Engine
    hello, i have a 72 nova with 454 suburban engine, edelbrock 750 , performer intake, mild cam, headers. it has an old school unilite strobe distributor an i want to upgrade for an affordable price and it a drag car, any sugestions welcome thanks.
  16. Hotrodding Basics
    Im looking to Restore a 71 Chevelle or Nova and i got a 1993 LT chevy 350 block, i want to make it a good drive able show off car but also able to take to the drag way or even hit the quarter mile,i was wondering before i put anything in it should i be going domed or flatt top pistons?, and what...
  17. Electrical
    Hey guys, I have a 68 Nova with a painless harness in it. My turn signals do not work but the 4 way flashers do. My brake lights work, too. I checked the grounds and they all look good.
  18. Introduce Yourself
    I have a 71 Nova which is very nice, southern rust free body. It has an old tired 350 and a 4 speed. My plan: I have a new crate engine to put in which dynoed at 421 hp and 422 ft lbs of torque. I am also swapping in a 700R4 trans. The rear is a 3.73 posi which is also new along with all the...
  19. Engine
    Hello! I recently picked up a 72 nova with a 250 6 cylinder engine and am planning to do a 383 stroker swap. Does anyone have any suggestions or opinions on what type of engine mounts that I should use. Anyone had any bad or good luck with any particular brands? Any help would be greatly...
1-20 of 25 Results