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oil leak

  1. Is it possible to crack trans cooler inside of radiator yet not contaminate coolant??

    Hotrodding Basics
    Is it possible to crack trans cooler inside of radiator yet not contaminate coolant that IS responsible for the cooling of motor oil in the radiator????? ^^^^MAIN QUESTION^^^^^^^^ ------DETAILS BELOW------ IM AS DESPERATE AS THE NEXT MAN and you fella's have been good to me!!! So the milky...
  2. New valve covers to solve leaky caps?

    After reading what I could understand (newbie at 63 y.o.) I am looking at changing the valve covers on my T Bucket to solve the oil leaking out of the valve cover caps. As someone indicated, the covers have no markings so they might be the cheap Chinese brand. I just bought this hot rod. It has...
  3. I bet you can't tell me whats wrong with this picture!!!

    Its been one thing after another with this truck after i drove 2,000 miles in 7 days (take a break and enjoy some scenery). Ive researched this and cant come up with a DEFINITE diagnosis so I dont throw hundreds into a 10 buck fix!:spank: OIL FROM #1 PLUG YOU CAN SEE WHERE IT PIZZED ALL OVER...
  4. Firebird Oil Leak

    Hey so I have a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 and it has previously had a minor oil leak that I believed to be coming from the oil sensor. I don't have much free time so I had not been able to get to that yet but today when I was going to start working on replacing the heater core I checked the...
  5. Edelbrock Heads Oil Leak

    Hello Gentlemen, I have a 1986 Chev pickup truck with a 350 engine and Edelbrock heads. I can't seem to stop an oil leak from my valve cover on the passenger side. I replaced the gaskets three times with cork, Fel Pro, and Silicone. Each time I replaced them the oil leak would stop but gradually...
  6. Front main seal/balancer leak again!

    Once again, i have an oil leak at the front of the motor. I have replaced the timing cover/gaskets/front main seal twice.. plus one other time just replacing the timing cover gaskets and front main seal.. and i've even replaced the oil pain gasket with a quality one piece rubber gasket with the...
  7. Oil leak under valve cover

    Hotrodding Basics
    I was running my truck at a pretty high idle, it has a 350 sbc, 1990. The valve cover bolts run through the center of the cylinder heads. The gasket I have is a blue rubber gasket that I picked up from Oreilly Auto Parts. Back to the explanation. I was running my truck at a pretty high idle in...