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  1. New Chevy 350 Low Oil Pressure (?)

    Newly built chevy 350 crank ground 10/10 under, solid flat tappet cam (if this has any effect on oil pressure) at idle (700-900 rpm) about 5-7 psi, cruising at 60 (2400 rpm) approximately 35-45 psi. Cold start 55 psi with 10w30 conventional oil. Cruising pressure doesn't bother me but the idle...
  2. Firebird Oil Leak

    Hey so I have a 1969 Pontiac Firebird 400 and it has previously had a minor oil leak that I believed to be coming from the oil sensor. I don't have much free time so I had not been able to get to that yet but today when I was going to start working on replacing the heater core I checked the...
  3. Gas in Oil. Is it the mechanical pump or carb?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I have gas in my oil of a 350 chevy engine with a edelbrock carb. It runs great, no miss, no hesitation, does not die at stops or take offs, no backfiring, no engine noise, starts right up everytime without pumping the gas pedal more than once if at all and idles smooth. Sooooo I need to...
  4. ATF oil.

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hi, i did some searching but couldn't find the info i'm looking for. I'm rebuilding my th350, putting a shift kit in it and a new converter (high stall speel), but i'm not quite sure what oil to use, some say type F will destroy any gm tranny, some say Mercon with any number will work fine, some...
  5. Gen 1 sbc build lots of problems

    I'm more or less just sharing this so people can see it. Anyone with experience with these problems that may have suggestions go right ahead please and thanks. My first build on my own. Started from scratch on this one. Rounded up parts over the years. Some new and some used. 3970010 350 .060...
  6. Changed oil pump now i have a ticking noise

    I just replaced my oil pump in my 1973 El Camino and upgraded to the Melling high output pump. After installing this and running I have oil pressure again a whopping 65lbs at idle but there is a noise that sounds as if its coming from the shaft but everything seemed to go together just fine and...
  7. Engine main bearing mistake?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Im just test fitting my main bearings to do clearance measurements on my chevy 350. When i noticed that my rear most bearing (the one with the end play built in) the oil hole does not line up with the hole in the bearing. It does have 85% of the hole showing but not 100% of it.. it is in...