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  1. Engine
    I recently replaced my water pump because the old one was squealing and knocking really bad. The new cheap one I got did the same thing, I only temporarily fixed it by squirting wd40 up the weep hole. I've been running it like that for a little while with minimal noise from it. As I was driving...
  2. Engine
    This is the first time ive had any real trouble with this engine after finally getting in on the road, made numerous long trips to work and when I drove it on the highway doing 70+ I ran into a problem. The car is a 65' el camino and im pretty sure it may of just ran hot and now it wont restart...
  3. Hotrodding Basics
    My 68 Camaro is running a .060" over bore 350 with a Weiand 142 blower, 700cfm Holley carb, crane hydraulic roller cam part number 119841-intake 359 at valve 539, exhaust 372 at valve 558 with 1.5 rocker ratio, msd 6 series ignition with a 3 stage retarder., headmen headers 3" collectors ...
  4. General Rodding Tech
    I have a number of pressing issues, I have a bad blinker switch, wiper motor and overheating issues. 1)I have the switch and steering wheel puller, after pulling the wheel off, will I run into a plate that needs another tool to remove a snap ring? 2) after three wiper motor tries to find the...
  5. Engine
    We have an 83 chevy 350 motor that was just retrofitted with the 305 HO heads. No over heating problems were apparent before the heads were replaced. The motor has been on an airboat, so the temp has been between 160-180 even under a heavy load. Since the head replacement the 2-middle cylinders...
  6. Hotrodding Basics
    My Chrysler 300M has a tendancy to run too warm. The thermostat has been replaced (twice) and the radiator has been replaced. I've been ensured that the head gaskets are just fine. Anyone else have this experience and if so, how was it corrected?
1-6 of 6 Results