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  1. Need advice: rebuilding my Chevy 350

    Hi all! I am going to rebuild my Chevy 350 and I need some advice. Hope you can help me! What do I have and/or want to re-use: 1) Stock Chevy 350 (4-bolt, 010 020 high nickel) from 1972. It's at the machine shop now to bore and hone (.020 or .030). 2) Stock crankshaft. Is polished and in good...
  2. Elsa

    Introduce Yourself
    Happy to have finally joined your club. I have been reading many of your upholstery posts for years and they have been very helpful. My son and I own and operate a Classic Cadillac restoration business which I have worked at and run for 30 years. Our shop does everything from sheet metal repair...
  3. jwcaldwell

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello all enthusiasts, I have recently purchased a 1970 Monte Carlo standard 350 and it has been thirty years since I worked along side many unemployed Boeing engineers in service stations while in high school and college. I learned a lot, most faded now. She needs a lot of work to bring her...
  4. T-350 part needed

    Transmission - Rearend
    Does anyone know a parts supplier that carries TH350 manual valve "S" links ? My local wrecking yards won't sell parts, only complete trannies. Have checked many suppliers. Thanks Jerry
  5. Need to find part from front end of 34 Plymouth Coupe PE

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    Shop scrapped my dad's bent up piece of metal. He's re-building his late brother's 1934 Plymouth Coupe PE. Anyone know what it's called and/or where to find one? It's the part in the center of the front end in the photo at the link below...
  6. 383 Build ideas?

    Hotrodding Basics
    -Need ideas!- I’ve been on this website multiple times to read multiple posts on different types of arguments and ideas for engine builds.(this one is the best around) However this is my first post. I guess you can call this my first engine build by myself but I have participated in others. i...
  7. Glad to be under the hood!

    Introduce Yourself
    I am a retired electrician with hobby cars, Thunderbirds to be specific. I am in my garage most mornings tuning or polishing or tinkering. My cars are straight and shinny but not trailer queens, no frame off. I belong to a couple of clubs and have collected several old parts and machines from...