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  1. 351w pcv

    Appears to be a lot of debate on if a sbf needs some form of PCV and, if so, what that should be. This is a naturally aspirated engine with carburetor. Currently it has a breather in each valve cover. Should I be looking to add a PCV valve? Should it be from a valve cover into the filtered...
  2. New Engine Install Questions

    Im going to be installing a NEW GM Goodwrench motor, 350ci 195hp base up to 260hp (see picture), into my 1986 Chevy K10. in preparation, I have some questions about the new setup. 1) PCV system. I have a breather cap for the oil fill side, and the hose from the opposite valve cover to the front...
  3. Why you should use a PCV catch can (pics)

    Hotrodding Basics
    After a fresh engine rebuild, I could not stand the thought of oil being drawn into the intake to leave deposits on my intake valves! Furthermore, being 9.9:1 compression ratio with iron heads I wanted to fight every chance of detonation. So I constructed this basic (read cheap) catch can. After...