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  1. Engine
    So I just got my rotating assembly. 5 of 8 pistons have a ding mark in between the compression ring and oil ring. Some light some heavy. I checked in a high power microscope and it is definitely a smushed into the middle ring cavity. Are these useable or should I send them back to manufacturer...
  2. Engine
    Degreed the cam and checked piston to valve clearances for my 351W. With a dial indicator the closest the intake got was .156" at 20 degrees ATDC while the exhaust was .251" right at TDC. With clay the intake was .165" and .075" radially. The exhaust was .230" and .165" radially. I think the...
  3. Engine
    I'm assembling my first Big Block and I'm wondering if these pistons are too damaged. I also nicked the cylinder wall a little bit. Do I need a new piston and do I need to take my block back to the machine shop?
  4. Engine
    Hello all.. I was tearing down the 383 I recently bought to see what pistons I am working with. I removed the iron heads to find they are dome pistons with no stamping or makings on them. With further investigation, I noticed the #3 piston looked damaged. I inspected the cylinder wall, and the...
  5. bbc_ft1

  6. bbc_dome

  7. Pistonhead shifter!

    My latest shifter casted in resin and handpainted. It's for sale, and I ship worldwide.
  8. Engine
    Hello, I am new to the site, so.. Its nice to meet you guys and I look forward to hearing from you all. I am in the process of building a 377 stroker motor for my 85 Monte SS. (350 block, stock bore, 3.75 stroke) Ive been looking at a few of the different rotating assemblies available, and now...
  9. #3 piston

    This is the #3 piston in my '90 Grand Am after the intake valve droped
1-9 of 9 Results