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  1. Engine
    Okay so my original motor that come out of my 79 Chevy pickup has the engine casting number 3970014 and now I have another engine block that's coming out of a box truck c30 with the engine cast number 3970010.which block would be better for rebuilding? Now I do know about mine, my block is good...
  2. Engine
    I just tore down a Chevy 350 engine and I'm about to bring it to a machine shop to get cleaned up. I'm starting to make my 'wishlist' for the setup and configuration I want for the engine (pistons, heads, rods, intake, etc.). I am a little lost on what my starting point should be however. I...
  3. Engine
    so my 74 chevy pickup has been bogging down when it gets up to around 40 mph and sometimes it wont even go past 10 mph. did a compression test,(v8 engine) and on the dry tests, the pistons produced around 120-130 psi. Pistons 3 and 5 produced 105 and 110. From what i read, it could be a blown...
  4. Engine
    I have a Hudson 308 that I am rebuilding and have an original NOS set of 0.01 over pinned pistons but have been unable to locate 0.01 over pinned rings for the pistons. I have located a new set of 0.02 over pinned rings and I was planning to file fit them. I realize that the circumference of the...
  5. Engine
    Rebuilding a 327 out of a 1968 Chevy Camaro. The engine was dismantled without the pistons being numbered so it is unsure what cylinders they should be put back into. The blocked was honed the pistons were cleaned and have new rings. Can the pistons be put back in at random? If not what are the...
  6. Introduce Yourself
    Hi, nice to meet you. I go by buckskinner, I am a taxidermist by trade.
1-6 of 6 Results