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pontiac 350

  1. First Engine Swap, First Post - Pontiac 350

    Hello! I'm planning on doing my first engine swap in the next couple of weeks and want to get some advice/info on the used Pontiac 350 engine. It came out of a 1974 Lemans. The PO said it was a running/functional/unmolested engine that has never been cracked open before. I am swapping it into a...
  2. Carb Swap: Qjet to Street Demon 625

    Wanted to share my experience in swapping out my Qjet for a Street Demon 625. I was curious about this carb when it was released in early 2012 because of its similarities with quadrajets and AFB's. I ordered the #1901 carb, the version with the polymer fuel bowl, along with the throttle...
  3. Installed pontiac 350 timing gears wrong

    Hi there all, I really need some help please, i installed an edelbrock double roller timing chain set on my 1972 pontiac 350, its my first rebuild and i installed the cam gear with the dot at 6 oclock and the crank gear at 12 oclock like a chevy engine. I didnt realize that it should have been...
  4. 72 Lemans 350 getting more power

    Hotrodding Basics
    Right now its the stock 350, 7H1 Heads, looking to do a head swap, and along with that i already changed the cam and lifters, timing set, i have headers, holley 4 barrell and so on. Please let me know of any and everything i can do to this motor( i know it isnt a racing engine or anything) but...