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  1. How much spring pressure is too much?

    SBC - Hydraulic Roller I understand that cam manufacturers make spring recommendations that one should follow, but in this case I have the springs in hand before the cam, and I’m trying to throw this thing together on the cheap. The springs are Howard’s 98445, 120 lbs on the seat, 425 lbs...
  2. New Chevy 350 Low Oil Pressure (?)

    Newly built chevy 350 crank ground 10/10 under, solid flat tappet cam (if this has any effect on oil pressure) at idle (700-900 rpm) about 5-7 psi, cruising at 60 (2400 rpm) approximately 35-45 psi. Cold start 55 psi with 10w30 conventional oil. Cruising pressure doesn't bother me but the idle...
  3. 700r4 Transmition slipping

    Transmission - Rearend
    I know this is a common problem with this trans...however I have never had one do this after ariving at destination with no problem the about an hour later I go to take off and I get no shift fron 2nd to 3rd yet all other gears seem to work fine...just no over drive. I just dropped the fluid...
  4. PSI and GPH!!?

    I'm working on putting a vortech supercharger onto my 400 SBC. I'll be using a quick fuel 750cfm carb, I ordered my regulator that offers a wide range of future upgradability. But, what I dont know what GPH I will need- or how that works... So far I have done enough homework to know that for...
  5. Blown bbc too much crankace pressure

    I have a 454 HO crate motor, fresh rebuild chrome moly rings with 24 thousand ring gap,10/71 with (2) HP 4150 carbs, comp cam blower cam, solid roller lifters, roller rocker, I have moroso evac system from the breathers run down into the headers. I am pushing my dip stick out and pushing oil...
  6. trans_gauge