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  1. Paint
    I am a hot rod shop out of GA and have used PPG for over 30 years with no real problems till lately. The DP epoxy line that we have all used forever is failing me, before the LF or lead free label hit the can it would stick to plate glass around probably around 1998 after that it had to have...
  2. Paint
    I am getting ready to primer and paint my 1966 Mustang. I've decided to use PPG products for my paint and primer. Through my research it seems to be pretty unanimous that DP Primer is the best of the best and will stick to anything. I went to my local paint shop and was pricing out all of my...
  3. Paint
    Hi all, New member here. I have a truck (daily driver) with failing paint (peeling in sheets.) Otherwise only a few door dings. I've decided to strip it and refinish with a b/c. I was planning to apply two coats of SPI epoxy primer. Fill the dings, spot prime them then reduce a little of...
  4. Primed.

    Primered and waiting for color.
1-5 of 5 Results