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  1. Engine
    I have a 1990 1 piece rear seal sbc 350 in my 78 GMC truck that I built. Before you say that my block should be machined for OEM roller lifters and I won't have to retro fit, IT IS NOT. I have checked it many times. I'm going to swap the current solid flat tappet cam (Comp XS256S) to a Comp...
  2. Engine
    I'm more or less just sharing this so people can see it. Anyone with experience with these problems that may have suggestions go right ahead please and thanks. My first build on my own. Started from scratch on this one. Rounded up parts over the years. Some new and some used. 3970010 350 .060...
  3. Transmission - Rearend
    I have an 82 chevy camaro that had a 305 with a mild cam, the computer in this car has been disconnected and every time I would put it in gear it would die. I replaced the torque converter with a non lockup stock converter and it does the same thing. I now have a 383 with 440 HP and it does...
1-3 of 3 Results