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  1. Transmission - Rearend
    OK, I have been driving manuals for years and like how you can slow down by simply letting off gas, upshifting, because the gears are "locked" there until you tell it what to do. Today I seafoamed my motor and was running around high rpm and noticed with my TH400, first gear does this! It...
  2. Fuel injection Engines
    I have a bit of a weird question. But I think it may have been done before in racing. So I am going to ask it even if it sounds stupid. On a completely balanced inline 6 engine; Cylinder 1 and 6 = pair 1 Cylinder 2 and 5 = pair 2 Cylinder 3 and 4 = pair 3 Each of these "pairs" reach the...
  3. Hot Rod Art
    Shelby Daytona, before & after. Orig.. Chop.. Full size- View image: shelby daytona kdc
1-3 of 4 Results