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  1. General Rodding Tech
    Does anyone know a company that makes aluminum elbow radiator filler necks? I have a new aluminum radiator I just need to relocate the neck! (see photo) KK [email protected]
  2. Hotrodding Basics
    My 68 Camaro is running a .060" over bore 350 with a Weiand 142 blower, 700cfm Holley carb, crane hydraulic roller cam part number 119841-intake 359 at valve 539, exhaust 372 at valve 558 with 1.5 rocker ratio, msd 6 series ignition with a 3 stage retarder., headmen headers 3" collectors ...
  3. Engine
    Hi guys. I need help with a radiator choice for a blown 496 BBC in an open hood 30 Ford coupe. Fairly mild set up. Around 600 HP. Would like to know if I need a trans cooler in the radiator or would a remote dual fan cooler do the trick. Maybe 2 row? 4 row? Would really appreciate you...
  4. Engine
    hey guys new to the forum but like what ive been reading.. I got a 63 ford falcon 144 ci L6 motor . problem is she gets hot. real hot normally runs around 230 degrees . ive done all the usual flushed the radiator, changed caps , changed thermostat to 180 degree , I installed gauge at the back of...
  5. Hotrodding Basics
    I needs some advice on Street Rod radiators/electric fans. I have a 1936 Chevy, not sure what make of radiator is in this car, it fits within the confines of the grill shell, it's about 3" thick, 16.5" wide, 23.5" tall, and tank on top, has overflow bleed off port, upper radiator hose to top...
  6. Body - Exterior
    Cant find the core support for a 1979 Camaro anywhere! They only have after market for 70-73. Would a 70-73 core support work on a 79 camaro?
  7. General Rodding Tech
    Can I use a 2 or 3 row aluminum performance honda radiator to keep my 351w cool. It's a stock engine without ac. The problem is space restrictions with this international know I am building. It's just a real bummer I can't use a normal radiator if I do that I have to chop the fenders and hood...
  8. Hotrodding Basics
    a buddy of mines has a 89 camaro with a rebuilt sbc motor out if a 94 chevy truck. i dont know the specs on the motor but he can not run it with a thermostat because it will not open and he has tried 6 or 7. without a t-stat in it it still runs really worm the motor has the original serpentine...
1-8 of 9 Results