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  1. quick fuel carb running too rich at idle

    (390 fe, hei dist with msd 6a, comp cams CCA-CL33-224-3, 7105 edel intake, 670 quick fuel brawler, fmx transmission) I recently put a new quick fuel carburetor on my engine after not being able to fix my off idle hesitation with a street avenger. The carb runs great except for it seems unusually...
  2. Possibly running rich?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I replaced the problematic 800 cfm Quadrajet on my Chevy 350 with an Edelbrock 1405 600 cfm carburetor. Right away I noticed it starts and runs much better and sounds healthier, but the fuel economy REALLY suffers. With the q-jet I had been getting about 9.5-10 mpg w/ a max of 10.6. Now I'm...
  3. 1987 Monte Carlo SS 305 Quadrajet Tuning Issues

    Modern Electronic Engines
    Hey everyone, I'm having trouble tuning this CCC carbureted 305 Monte Carlo. I rebuilt the carburetor because it had leaky gaskets, but ever since I've rebuilt it it runs insanely rich. I reset all the carburetor parameters to as close to stock as I can but it doesnt help. I ended up with the...
  4. Quadrajet M4MC Issues, new to Q-Jets

    Hey everyone! I'm having trouble with a quadrajunk equipped 85' C30 454 that I'm trying to get operational for a buddy. I've never tackled a quadrajet before, but I've been through quite a few Holleys and figured I'd give it a shot. I'm slowly regretting this haha. Here's the deal, neighbor...