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rocker arms

  1. Roller rockers need guide plates?

    I was chatting with a summit representative about these (pn. 17001-16) comp cams roller rocker arms for my SBC 350 that a lot of you already know about. Currently have roller tip rockers with my solid flat tappet cam but I'm having to adjust the valves somewhat frequently (pushrods are still...
  2. Metal in SBC question.

    I was running the crappy rocker arms by proform and the locking nuts backed off. They basically gacked the hell out of the self aligning ridges and some of the actual arms. Do you think I should have to do a rebuild or just put a magnet plug in the oil pan? It was idling while I was trying to...
  3. eBay Heads: clearance problems at rockers & springs

    Hello all, i am quite obviously new to the forum, and I come here because I am in a pickle. Yes I realize it is all my fault and I should have never bought eBay heads to begin with. But I am stuck with them now and need to figure out how to make it work. My issue is this, I bought Scorpion...
  4. Loose Rockers

    Hi, I have a chevy small block 350 out of a 75 Camaro. Everything is stock on the engine. I believe they are hydraulic lifters in the engine. When i tighten the rockers till the pushrods don't move then go another 1/4-1/2 turn, they seem fine and tight. But after i go through them all, they...