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  1. Engine
    Hi I live in Sweden and just bought my second 327 and need some inputs about some upgrades. Block specs: GM 3782870. Date May 27 1965 (E275). Flint June 14 1965 (VIN F0614EA). Line honed. Crankshaft milled 10/20 and balanced. New standard pistons and piston rings. New main bearings, rod...
  2. Engine
    I'm curious. If you convert from hydraulic flat tappets to hydraulic rollers on a moderate cam and go with full roller rockers, roughly, how much hp can you expect to pick up?
  3. Engine
    I have a 1990 1 piece rear seal sbc 350 in my 78 GMC truck that I built. Before you say that my block should be machined for OEM roller lifters and I won't have to retro fit, IT IS NOT. I have checked it many times. I'm going to swap the current solid flat tappet cam (Comp XS256S) to a Comp...
  4. Engine
    This summer I'll be converting my small block chevy to a roller cam like I decided in a previous thread I was recommended the XR270HR by Comp Cams, and by Lunati I was recommended the VooDoo 20120710 XR270HR...
1-4 of 4 Results