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roller rockers

  1. Friction Loss = HP Gain

    I'm curious. If you convert from hydraulic flat tappets to hydraulic rollers on a moderate cam and go with full roller rockers, roughly, how much hp can you expect to pick up?
  2. Roller rockers need guide plates?

    I was chatting with a summit representative about these (pn. 17001-16) comp cams roller rocker arms for my SBC 350 that a lot of you already know about. Currently have roller tip rockers with my solid flat tappet cam but I'm having to adjust the valves somewhat frequently (pushrods are still...
  3. Can I put Roller Rockers on an existing cam ?

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi all. I have searched through a lot of the posts here and can't seem to find an answer, so, here goes. I have a 67, 396 that was bored 30 over when I bought it. The car has been off the road for the last 15 years. With no lead in today's gas, I know I need to put new heads on. I'm going...
  4. New roller they need to break in?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I just got some brand new full roller rockers from Howards Cams (Part 90084) and I am not sure if they are OK or need some break in time? Most of the tips all roll really easily and smoothly by finger pressure, but the tips on 3 of them don't seem right to me, they are stiff and gritty. Is this...