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  1. 10243880 Casting

    Looking for original Specs in technical information on the fallowing casting number and partial engine id Casting Number :10243880 Engine ID: 1M0823 8P04. the fallowing is what I've come up with (not sure if accurate) It's a Small Block Chevy block built in Mexico somewhere near August (or...
  2. SBC Flat Tappet to Roller conversion questions..

    Do you guys know the difference between a retro-fit roller camshaft and a regular roller camshaft? If using a cam button, retro-fit roller lifters, and all other proper parts the pre-86 blocks need, could I use a standard roller camshaft? Or must it be retro-fit? Are they different sizes/lengths?
  3. Cam selection - Corvette 350

    Folks, I would appreciate your advice as I decide on a camshaft for my engine rebuild. Details are attached as well as listed below. It's a '77 Corvette L82 with some upgraded equipment. Intended use is improved street performance for daily driving. Originally I was looking for 400HP, but...
  4. Roller-ready block on 85' Crown Vic 302?

    Hey guys, I'm wondering if there is anyway to tell if my 1985 crown vic is roller ready or not. Its a 2 barrel carb, non HO 302. Preferably without taking it apart first... And if anyone has had success with the roller lifters designed specifically for non-roller blocks if it comes to it. I...
  5. 327 sbc dyno 431hp!

    Had an engine assembled by a local machine shop for a '64 corvette convertible. 327 engine, dynoed at 431 hp after assembly and no tuning. We were all surprised as it exceeded our expectations. Going in Monday morning to get the official runs and dyno sheets and take some video. Just wanted you...