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  1. Body - Exterior
    Hi, I'm brand new to this site so sorry if I'm not formatting it correctly or anything. Basically, I've got a '23 T Bucket that I would like to find a roof for. I can provide photos. Would anybody know what website or store I could find a vinyl, cloth, fiberglass roof kit for it? Thanks (y)
  2. Body - Exterior
    Time to start working on the A coupe again, and one of the things I want to tackle is the roof. I've half-assed done the roof a few times with vinyl in the past, as I knew they weren't going to be permanent. Plus I've always kinda wanted to put in a steel roof. Now that I have my little wire...
  3. Interior
    I want to put a vinyl top on my chopped 30' Ford Coupe. I have a guy that says he used to install them but he can't find the molding. He thinks it's no longer made. Does anyone have info on where I can get the trim/molding for a vinyl top? Either online or near South East Michigan.
  4. Body - Exterior
    I have been looking around for C&C TTOP parts for months now and cant find anything The car is a 1979 Camaro. Im looking for the end latches for the ttops. Can anyone help? Thanks
1-4 of 4 Results