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  1. Choosing a cam for RPM Range

    Hotrodding Basics
    What is a good RPM range for a muscle car? A lot of the cams I am seeing have a operating range that start around 2500RPM or higher. That seems really high to me for a street car. Does the operating range of a cam dictate the idle speed of the engine as well? If the operating range of a...
  2. Bent pushrods and engine issues above 6300 RPM

    Hello everyone, the other day I decided to try and spin my new cam up to 6500 RPM as it's advertised to make power that high. When I got to about 6300 RPM it started missing and power flattened out, it sounded/felt like I hit a rev limiter. I thought it was odd so I let off and cruised it back...
  3. How many RPM do I need to spin the AWD/RWD tires?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I would like to calculate (very roughly!) how much RPM I would need to start spinning tires in a RWD or AWD car. Assume the following: the car is stationary, in 1st gear, the tires are cold, neither flat or overpressurised ie "normal", and assume I have enough torque. Neither suspension, nor...
  4. 427 intake manifold?

    I have a 1969 435 HP 427 big block and I recently put cam that works to 7200 rpm. My original intake manifold gets best operation at 5800. Should I change to a different intake manifold to get more out of my engine? My original intake part number is 3933163. Any help with this is appreciated.
  5. 327 head choice/power/safe rpm?

    i have a 2 bolt main large journal 327 with arp bolts and a cast crank turned .010, speed pro hyper +.040 flat tops, eagle sir i beam rods with arps, cam is a summit k1104 specs are 224/224, .466 lift, 114 lsa. i have been looking at a bare set of promaxx(formerly patriot?) cast iron 2150 heads...
  6. 327 sbc dyno 431hp!

    Had an engine assembled by a local machine shop for a '64 corvette convertible. 327 engine, dynoed at 431 hp after assembly and no tuning. We were all surprised as it exceeded our expectations. Going in Monday morning to get the official runs and dyno sheets and take some video. Just wanted you...
  7. demolition derby engine

    i am in the process of designing the perfect demolition derby engine for the sole purpose of demolition derby. so im not trying to build for tons of horsepower or torque. i have an idea in mind, just wanted to run it past you hot rodder and engine builders to get your input. the number one enemy...
  8. 305/T-350 drops RPM when in gear

    Hi! I'm a novice to this so please bear with me.. Short question: What would cause a carbed mild/stock Chevy 305 coupled to a TH350 trans (manual valve body, might have other mods such as a mild shift kit) to drop RPMs excessively and jerk when put in gear? This is independent of engine/trans...