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    Hi all. My first post here, I think. I'm putting a '33 Chevy pick up body on a '93 S-10 frame and am having some conceptual difficulties with situating the front fenders over the upper A-arms. I want to run the hood, so I don't want to hack up the bottom flanges of the fenders for clearance...
  2. s-10


    here is another view of my s-10, i have 15x8 corvette rally wheels, the truck is droped 3 inches in the front and 2 in the rear with a 10 bolt 3:42 posi rear.
  3. the s truck

    the s truck

    this is my 5 liter s-truck sold it in august and the kid blew it up on the way home. i told him to check the oil
  4. mud truck052

    mud truck052

  5. mud truck051

    mud truck051

  6. mud truck050

    mud truck050

  7. mud truck046

    mud truck046

  8. mud truck025

    mud truck025

  9. mud truck016

    mud truck016