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  1. Rack & Pinion

    Suspension - Brakes - Steering
    I have a 52 GMC on a s10 chassis, what can be used for Power Rack, are there any stock systems that will work? Aftermarket? Will manual Rack work well? Thanks
  2. instrument panel

    Have been thinking about using an s10 instrument panel in my 36 chevy. My question is: will the tach from a v6 (4.3) work and be accurate when used with a tech 4 (2.5) ?? The engine,tranny, and computer are out of an 88 s10. The Dash panel is from 97 s10. OBD1 and OBD2
  3. Howdy from Central Oklahoma

    Introduce Yourself
    Hello Hotrodders, thought I would finally join this forum. I have learned a lot from reading here over the course of an engine building project I was working on on my S10. The engine is a Gen 1 350 block, given to me by a friend when my 4.3 (L35) broke down. I decided it would be more fun to...
  4. S10 Build

    S10 Build

    Engine bay is coming along
  5. S10 Build

    S10 Build

    Off to the exhaust shop. Didn't want to break it in with shorty headers only!
  6. S10 Build

    S10 Build

    A little radiator/ core support customization for a little added clearance.
  7. RWD Quad 4

    Today is my first on the Hot Rodders forum. I see many different threads to follow and glean something from it, even if I just find out there's nothing there for me. I have a 1985 GMC S15 Jimmy with 2wd project. It has a 2.8 V6/5 speed but that's not why I wanted to post my post. I want to find...
  8. chevy 283

    Hotrodding Basics
    hey i got an 87 s10 recently & thinking of doin the v8 swap ive got the bottom end of a 283 so i was wondering about what i could except for horsepower/torque & gas millage if i took the 283 bottom end & put 350 heads & intake with a 2barrel carb on it & yes it would all be rebuilt & would have...
  9. Removing S10 Front differential

    Transmission - Rearend
    So i am in the process of swapping a v8 into my 92 s10 4X4, well the new transmission i got will not work with the 4X4 so i am removing it, i did some research and found that it is safe to remove the front differential and take apart the cv axles as long as you have the threaded piece in the...
  10. S10 Automatic 4x4 to Manual 2 Wheel Drive Conversion

    Transmission - Rearend
    The transmission in my S10 (700r4) recently failed, and i decided to keep the truck and swap in a v8 i built, currently the truck is 4 wheel drive, i have removed all the drive train, and i plan to swap in my v8 with a saganaw 4 speed and just leave it 2 wheel drive, but the clutch is what i...
  11. Looking for any information about this open wheel s10

    Hotrodding Basics
    It looks like he used the s10 spindles, hubs, brakes all of that on a custom made straight axle.
  12. 94 S-10 manual trans problems

    Transmission - Rearend
    Was offroading and tried to go to 4WD-hi but the light didn't come on. In fact no lights - even when tried to go back in 2WD. So drove home 60 mph about 120 miles when came to stop and then everything was like neutral -- all the gears. Roadside help replaced the electronic switch and got me...
  13. What shoud I start with first?

    Hotrodding Basics
    I just got a 91 chevy s10 4.3liter v6 and i want to know what i should start with first to making it an everyday driver but with plenty of power.
  14. Oil Leakin, Poor Performin, AWD S10

    Hey all, after getting my engine in my truck, got a couple questions I hope to get the answers to in this fine place. First, it is a (supposedly) stone stock late 70s 350, with an Edelbrock Victor intake and a Holley 600. It seems to run okay, not as quick as I think it should be, but I have...
  15. bed


    the truck yay