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sbc 400. chevy 400.

  1. Holley carburetor

    Hotrodding Basics
    Okay, I didn’t know if there was a chat or anything for this but I’ve got a SBC 400 with a Holley truck avenger 770, full msd ignition, mechanical fuel pump, And when I rev it in neutral passed half throttle it cuts out and if I hold it there long enough the engine dies, and under load it does...
  2. sbc 400 cam selection

    Hotrodding Basics
    Blockc sbc 400 .040 bored, flat top hypereutectic pistons, eeagle crank/rods. Heads: procomp 64cc 2.02, angled plugs, 1.6 roller rockers. Th350c w/3.73 gears. Any suggestions on camshafts? Comp...crane...flat tap...hydraulic? ? Looking for some direction. :confused::confused::confused: