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  1. Help me finish my 355 build.

    What's going on guys need u engine builders input. I bought a 355 bottom end from a guy. Came with .30 speed pro forged pistons, stock crank custom grind cam made by comp cams. The cam specs are In . Exh 301/ 312 272/ 283 588/ 609 lift lobe speration 112 This build is going in a 85...
  2. sbc 355 big mutha thumpr cam no idle barely any vacuum new rebuild

    Hotrodding Basics
    ok so i have a sbc350 over 350 out of a 72 stingray. just had it rebuilt with 190cc/64cc aluminum heads with maximum valve lift of 0.600 , big mutha thumpr cam, comp cams 1.6 magnum roller rockers, high energy pushrods, with a weiand dual pane action plus intaken and a 600 cfm freshly rebuilt...