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  1. 289 Firing Back through carb

    I have a 67 Ford 289 with a mild cam and 1.72 lifters. Put an 83 4bbl intake on it with a mechanical dist (and petronix ignition) and a Edelbrock carb. Car was running rich and I decided it was from not getting it our and with the choke on it (short stops...move it..etc...). I put the new...
  2. Kickdown rod adjustment

    Transmission - Rearend
    Hey guys, I have an 302 with the AOD with a TV rod, and kickdown rod but don't know how to adjust it, I'm only aware of the procedure for the kickdown cable adjustment not the rod. I'm replacing my intake/carb soon so I need to know. Is it the same deal? They look completely indepedant of each...
  3. The right torque rich cam for SBF 302

    Hey guys, stuck between two cams from Howards and am looking for a high torque cam that can pull to 5000 ish. Would have a 2000 stall converter headers, aftermarket intake etc, 3.55 to 3.73 gears (not sur yet), on more or less a 4000lb vehicle. Largely street driven. Cam 220235-10S: Duration...
  4. Bummer Bimmer

    Hotrodding Basics
    Hi all, new to the forum, figured I'd post this problem right away as it's been giving me headaches for over a year. I've got an 87 BMW 325 with an 86 ford 5.0L converted to carburetor that I use for Pro-Am Drifting. I've had the weirdest issue with this car since I plucked the (perfectly...
  5. 351W SBF rookie build

    Hi everyone, After several years of having the project stopped due to several problems I picked up the '71 mustang project... I'm now rebuilding the 351w sbf and have a couple of questions, hopefully some of you can chime in... My dad purchased some parts several years ago, since he passed...