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  1. Body - Exterior
    Has anyone ever seen or used a caddy trunk latch with a pull down motor for shaved door latches? The last time I saw shaved handles, the weather-strip was new and the door had to be slammed pretty hard to latch properly and when everything was aligned right for the door the popper wouldn't open...
  2. Body - Exterior
    Hi, I've run into a bit of a problem with my 2000 silverado. I bought this truck years ago with shaved handles. In the time since I've owned the truck, shaved door handles have been outlawed. So, I've been getting away with my doors because brake tag inspectors were taking a "blind-eye" to my...
  3. Electrical
    Currently I have a standard 40 lb solenoid setup for opening my shaved doors on a 1950 chevrolet pickup. The problem or problems I keep running into are that the solenoids are not water proof or water resistant for that matter and I burn them up everytime I wash the truck and a drop or two of...
1-4 of 4 Results