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  1. Transmission - Rearend
    I know this is a common problem with this trans...however I have never had one do this after ariving at destination with no problem the about an hour later I go to take off and I get no shift fron 2nd to 3rd yet all other gears seem to work fine...just no over drive. I just dropped the fluid...
  2. Transmission - Rearend
    Hello all.. I need help. I had the Transgo 700-2-3 Reprogramming kit, a servo, a 2400-2800 locking torque converter, and an B&M ratchet shifter installed in my 87' Formula. The reprogrammin kit and servo were installed at an "auto shop" that my dad knew. The guy said he had done these kits...
  3. Transmission - Rearend
    hey guys, i'm back after lurking for awhile. I've tried doing some digging around and can't come up with anything that matches my problem. Maybe i'm just not wording my searches right or whatever. rebuilt th350 with a little over 500 miles on her. had new clutches installed, pump checked out...
1-4 of 4 Results