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  1. Interior
    I am new to the industrial sewing machines and have been searching the internet for help but have been coming up short. I am wanting to use my machine up upholstery marine type vinyl. I am wanting suggestions of what type of tread and or needle (sizing) I should use for this very old machine...
  2. Interior
    I'm new to Hotrodders and I have a question regarding my Singer 111W155. I ran it backwards by hand and didn't realize that it would jam the machine. There is thread under the bobbin case and I can't figure out how to get out the case in order to remove the thread. I removed the throat plate and...
  3. Interior
    I found a good deal on a nice 111W153 and I'd like to pick it up. I saw a post by DanTwoLakes that mentioned that it may be possible to add a reverse to this machine. Can anyone expound on if this really is possible and if so, how?
1-3 of 4 Results