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single stage

  1. Meg.7 Alternative/Polishing Oils for old SS

    Hello all. My apoligies if this has been delved into before, searching these terms tend to lead to running in circles. 1977 Cadillac with original metallic single stage. The paint is HIGHLY oxidised. Someone had previously used a medium-cut polish on the hood. The results were okay, but...
  2. Clearing over old single stage

    Body - Exterior
    I'm wanting to preserve the look of my truck and clear over the old single stage paint it has now. The paint is thin and oxidized. My question is how do I prep the single stage for the clear? All help is appreciated thanks.
  3. Swirls after polishing single stage acrylic urethane (black)

    Pics to go along I'm painting my YZF600 this summer and I've made major headway, however I seem to have hit a road block. I got a lot of orange peel while painting, but I hope its not a problem for me because I'm sanding the paint anyway. So I wet-sanded with 400, 600, 1500, and finally 2000...