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  1. Hello from a novice

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    New to forum: Just trying to learn more about the specs of a refurbished classic truck I may buy. Possible HP & towing capacity? Bellow are the limited specs I know below. Casting 3970010 small block 350 V8 that was rebuilt TH350 trans. 4x4 Ede carb w/elec choke on an alum intake. Thanks
  2. sbc backfire thru carb - stalled and now wont start

    Good morning. I have an old bread truck that I converted into a party bus, last summer I swapped the motor (an 82) for and 84 SBC. I was told that the motor came from a hot rod but that it was put back to stock or me. I bought the motor for $500, and then paid a friend friend of a friend of a...
  3. Need help picking out a new cam (SBC)

    I plan on home porting my heads and intake on my 350 sbc. I have been told that i have picked out a bad cam for my setup (which is likely because i was like 17). I was wondering if anyone could give me a good suggestion for a flat tappet cam from summit. I am running this setup in my 3rd gen...
  4. another 305 thread

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    Hello all, I have a rebuilt 305 on a stand waiting to go into my truck and am very curious as to what yall think it will do performance whise. It's an all stock 1978 305 sbc it will have a comp xe250h cam in it, and edlbrock performer rpm intake and a 600 - 650 holley, and longtubes. What kinda...
  5. Sbc 350 Bird

    Hey guys. I am in need of some advice. I have a 1968 Firebird that I have been slowly building over the last few years. Prior to owning the car I used to race enduro dirt track. For those of you who don't know, that is kind of like a rolling demolition derby. The reason I tell you this is...
  6. updated! what are your guess on hp?

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    block is a 1969 010 350/355 .30 over summit brand pistons( Hypereutectic Pistons SUM-17350-30) stock but new 350 crank. cloyes timing chain SUM-G2600 summit gasket kit comp cam 280h Duration 280/280, Lift .480/.480 lobe 110 vortec heads 12558062 (#062) specs unknown but they are stock...
  7. 400ci rebuild, top end or crate

    Hello everyone! This is my first post, but I have done quite a bit of searching around and can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. I've got a 1965 C-10 pickup fleetside longbed that my Dad, brother and I restored when I was about 12 years old. It had the original straight 6, but we...
  8. Anybody ever see one of these?

  9. Transplanting a TBI 350 in a Trans Am

    Hi, My 1980 Trans Am is running a 305 (non-turbo) linked to a TH350, where as my 1985 Chevy Van20 has a 350 (TBI) linked to a TH400. What I intend doing is swapping the engines, along with the tranny, between the two cars however my concern is blowing up the ECU in the process. I don't want...
  10. Unidentified gm valve covers!!

    Hotrodding Basics
    Looking for anyone who may know something about these valve covers i bought. I bought srveral sets from a guy i work with, i have identified all except these. He said they where 58 vette fuel injected valve covers. Punch that into ye ole google and i am bombarted with 9 and 7 fins... These are 5...
  11. Timing

    So all in all im a rookie. just got myself my first car and im having a blast. Thing is i need to learn everything so i can tune, maintain and build it... what i am wondering is how to determine the appropriate timing for the car.I bought it built already and have no real communication with the...
  12. SBC 305 build question

    I know its a 305, i could have built a 350 with more power for around the same cost, but this was a learning experience, i wanted to learn to build the engine and make it run, without throwing tons of money into it, so i used stock 58cc heads that were milled down to 54 i believe I used an...
  13. Starter problems?

    So i just got my high torque geared starter to crank over the v8 i just dropped in my s10, didnt think the compression was that high, but the stock starter couldn't crank it. i installed the new starter and tried to test it with a battery and jumper cables and it still would barely crank it a...
  14. Chevy 307 Build

    I'm currently building a chevy 307, I dont need to hear anymore "Why a 307?" or "Better off with a 350". It's set in stone, the 307 is what I got. Heres the route I'm going- Bored .060 over-400 rods shot peened and polished-KB 3.935 Hypereutectic 4cc dome pistons-Block .025 milled off-.039...