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  1. Wiring Electric Choke

    Does anybody see any reason I can't run the wire for my Holley choke to this key activated terminal on the starter solenoid? Car is a '67 Fairlane.
  2. 1968 Camaro electrical issue

    I was returning home yesterday evening after being out for a 45 min ride and when I turned the corner the total electrical system flickered for the car then came back on within a few seconds. After that I noticed my right dash turn signal indicator was dimly lit up. When I reached my driveway...
  3. 454 starter rewiring

    Hey guys, have a 1959 chevy truck and put a 1980 454 in it. I was running an old points distributor and resistor so when I wired the starter I used both the s and r terminals on the solenoid. Converted to an MSD distributor and removed the resistor (left the starter wiring how it was with s and...
  4. Power window motor for shaved door open?

    Currently I have a standard 40 lb solenoid setup for opening my shaved doors on a 1950 chevrolet pickup. The problem or problems I keep running into are that the solenoids are not water proof or water resistant for that matter and I burn them up everytime I wash the truck and a drop or two of...
  5. Chevy 350: Starter Does Not Immediately Engage After Cold-Start

    Hi All, For the past few months, I have noticed that if the truck is started and run for a while (driving or just warming it up), shut off, and then started it again, the starter doesn't work immediately. I have to turn the ignition key a few times before it finally engages. Sometimes I will...