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spark plug fouled

  1. I bet you can't tell me whats wrong with this picture!!!

    Its been one thing after another with this truck after i drove 2,000 miles in 7 days (take a break and enjoy some scenery). Ive researched this and cant come up with a DEFINITE diagnosis so I dont throw hundreds into a 10 buck fix!:spank: OIL FROM #1 PLUG YOU CAN SEE WHERE IT PIZZED ALL OVER...
  2. SBC Spark Plug fouling #1 cylinder

    My engine fouls #1 after running about 90 miles on highway. The compression has been checked and found to be the same across all cylinders at 92% of what is expected. New umbrella seals were installed. Where to look next? Guides? Intake manifold leak? I'm not sure where to start with this one.